Human Emotion Competition

Esther Bunning has a huge reputation, both in NZ and overseas, for the quality and inventiveness of her portrait photography. We are very fortunate that she has been willing to cast her expert eye at our images and provide feedback to the photographers. Our grateful thanks to Esther for her comments and also for offering insights into her own work. I’m sure all members who were present learned a lot.
Esther made some helpful comments about using flash which Martin has expanded on later in the newsletter.

192 Trance Trance: Glenys Robertson 335_An anxious moment An Anxious Moment: Carolyn Kearns

Esther also commented on the papers that people use for printing. The search for the ultimate printing paper is like the search for the holy grail — not only is the target elusive but each ‘best’ paper has its devoted admirers.
The qualities which, in combination, distinguish photo papers are weight — how solid or flimsy a paper feels, and surface texture —whether the paper is glossy, textured (a.k.a. ‘pearl’), or matte.
Heavier papers seem to be favoured by people making photographs for sale: they not only have ‘feel appeal’ but weight is also associated with better archival properties, apparently.
Matte papers give an image a ‘water-colour’ kind of finish. They are often prized by fine art and portrait photographers who work in colour. However, matte papers absorb ‘thin’ inks and are generally not suitable for printing with dye inks. Unless your printer uses pigment inks, you will probably not be able to use matte papers.
On the other hand, glossy papers are more prized in black and white photography because they make deeper blacks, and so enable a wider tonal range in an image.
Some thin, satin finish papers give images a dull look and can really detract from an otherwise great photograph. Unsurprisingly, these kinds of papers tend to be relatively inexpensive.
We could have a look at paper selection at our next “Show, Tell and Critique” session if there is interest.

Finally, congratulations to Carolyn who also took home the prize from the random draw. Remember, the more entries you put in, the more chances you have to win. Carolyn put in 4 entries last time and won. Proves the point!

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