Club News/Update

Grant Sheehan

Excellent meeting with Grant Sheehan last night.  I think everyone agreed that his photos are  absolutely inspirational.  

The presentation raised lots of excellent food for thought.  Some of the ‘take aways’ for me were:  

  • the value of looking around for a different point of view to add value to the main subject of your photo (Grant:  “I drove around for 10 minutes looking for something to put under the cloud formation”) 
  • The payoff for getting out in the rain, and after dark, to make photos that stand out from the rest (and the need for weather proofing your self and your gear!)  
  • The value of “thinking out of the box” — in a million years I would never have thought of using a 10-stop neutral density filter in the middle of the night to ensure a lighthouse beam didn’t overpower the stars.  Brilliant!
  • How photogenic the Wairarapa is. 


Weekend Trip

There are two places still available for the Glenburn station photo shoot and workshop. First in, first served.  Approximately $35 per night.


Next Competition

Deadline for submissions for next competition — the “Open” — brought forward one week to Wednesday 18 September.  This is because our judge is not in the Wairarapa so we need to make time to transport pictures about.  Also, we expect a slightly larger than normal number of entries.

Don’t relax.  Wednesday 18th is only a fortnight away!

1 thought on “Club News/Update

  1. Bruce Kirk

    Thoroughly enjoyed Grant Sheehans presentation. He was as Tim said Inspirational. I was fascinated by the amount of time and thought he puts into a Photo. Not just the subject, but the “making the picture tell a story” concept. His photo of the abandoned house intrgued me, not juust because it was in B & W , but that he had found a lot of rocks that could be used to make up his foreground.


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