Wairarapa Theme Competition

The Masterton Licensing Trust has made its selection from the 2013 Wairarapa Theme submissions.

The selected image was Lord of all I Survey by Tim McMahon (and Miles).


An interesting image that paints a good picture of  Wairarapa sheep country.  But it would have been pretty uninteresting without the dog, which raises a question:  how did the photographer manage to get both the dog in the near foreground, and the sheep in the middle distance, in sharp focus?

All of the entries were very good, but the Trust selects only one. Congratulations to everyone whose photo was chosen to go forward for consideration by the Trust.

Remember: entries for the annual Open Competition are due this Wednesday, 18 September.

2 thoughts on “Wairarapa Theme Competition

  1. TheSizzlingBadger

    There are two ways to get both the foreground & background in focus. The easiest is to shoot with a small aperture like f22 so that the depth of field is large. The second method is “focus bracketing” whereby two photos are taken at different focus points and then combined in a pixel editor like Photoshop.


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