Club Oscars Awards, 2013

Last evening we held the annual club awards at Dish.

After a pleasant meal Kevin announced the recipients of this year’s awards.  Here they are:

Competition Trophy List 2013

Congratulations to all winners — Carolyn had to borrow a wheelbarrow to carry away her cups.  Well deserved!

As a club I feel we should congratulate ourselves.  In every category, the winning images were the best of a pretty good selection.

The point of the camera club is to help people learn from each other, and improve their photography.  The continually rising standard of monthly entries suggests that we  are achieving this goal.  It’s really quite exciting!

Many of the trophies, as you may guess from their names, have been donated by past distinguished members of the club.  The awarding of the trophies both honours our current good practitioners, and also those who stalked the Wairarapa, camera in hand, all those years ago.  It’s a great tradition.

Kevin noted that there were a number of trophies not awarded because our programme had not included the appropriate categories:  for example there are trophies for monochrome, sports action, landscape, and natural history that weren’t awarded this year.  The issue here is, of course, that there are relatively few months in which we can schedule themed ‘competitions’.  If we were to set up a competition for each of the trophies every year there’s be little room for any ‘innovation’ or different topics.  If you’ve got any thoughts on this issue, please feel free to post a ‘REPLY’.

We owe a debt of thanks to Kevin for masterminding the awards.  Recording the judges results is a painstaking process, and particularly managing the spreadsheets that calculate the aggregates is an on-going and fiddly task.  Thanks Kevin!

Once again, congratulations to everyone who entered images this year, and particular congratulations to those who carried off trophies.  Don’t forget to polish them, and Caro:  bring back the wheel barrow!

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