Updated Tutorials and more resources

On Monday we’ll have the final committee meeting of the year, to sign off next year’s programme and tidy up loose ends.  If you’ve any further thoughts on the proposed syllabus, we’re dying to hear.

One of the important events for next year will be our open exhibition.  There have been some amazing images captured and presented this year so we’ve got a base.

Brrr?;  Jazell Wilkie

Brrr?; Jazell Wilkie

Hopefully the summer will provide inspiration for more great and creative stuff.

We’ve updated the tutorials on digital quality and preparing images for print and exhibition.  Hopefully they will be helpful. It would be very sad if we were unable to use a fantastic image for no reason other than image quality has been inadvertently lost.

If something in the Tutorials or FAQs raises anything you want to query or comment on, click ‘REPLY’ — if something seems to you wrong or incomplete there’ll be others thinking the same.  Let us know.

(BTW a lot of the content in the tutorials draws on Tim’s website fromcameratoprint.com which in turn owes a lot to passionate photographers around the world.  Feel free to poke around there, and provide feedback too, if you’re stuck for something to do!)

One further resource.  Whilst searching for something else today I came across these two articles by Eric Chan – he’s one of the software engineers responsible for the RAW processing parts of Photoshop and Lightroom.  Also a photographer and, as you’ll see, not a bad writer!  The articles are a bit dated (like about 5 years old!!) but they’ll give you an alternative look at the key ideas  in colour and data preservation in digital images.

An even better idea … pick up the camera, frame up a shot, and press the shutter!

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