The Year Gets Underway

Church and Station

The year started with our Church and Station competition.    You can see all the entries here.

There were some magnificent images submitted as you can see.  Congratulations particularly to Martin and Nik.

The trick in this competition was to make pairs of images that were clearly linked, while at the same time each image was strong in its own right.  The winning pairs met these criteria easily.  In others, one of the pair was strong while the entry was let down somewhat by the other.   In yet other cases we had a pair of good images with no obvious link.

Thanks to Jim Graydon for his work in judging these.   Not an easy ‘competition’ to adjudicate.

Thanks, too, to Jim for inviting discussion on his comments, and to members who participated in the discussion.  Critical and illuminating comment about the strengths and weaknesses of images that are in front of us, is one key to learning how to become better photographers.

Many people found this topic ‘hard’.   However, as was pointed out in the discussion, ‘hard’ topics force us, as photographers, to think about what we want our image to convey.  This, in turn, should lead to much greater deliberation about how to make the image:  what to include; what to omit; how to emphasise the parts that reinforce the idea and so on.  Often we won’t get this right, but greater thought and consideration is likely to result in much stronger images than off-the-cuff snapshots.


Our first workshop of the year – Tuesday 18 February, is intended to provide two opportunities:

  • question and answer:  everything you wanted to ask but didn’t want to when everyone could hear!  and
  • post-processing primer:  what can be done in post-processing, and when and why you should think about it.

We have detailed, longer, workshops addressing how to use Lightroom, and how to use Photoshop, later in the year.  The p-p primer is a what and why, rather than a how, session.

See you there


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