AGM and Wairarapa Theme

Our AGM and the annual Wairarapa Theme competition were held on Tuesday 5 August.

A brief report of the AGM is available on the Members Only page.

47 print images were submitted for the Wairarapa Theme competition.  This is something of a recent record, and is especially interesting because, while other competitions this year have attracted large numbers of projected image entries, the greatest number of print entries has been 12.

The quality of the images and their presentation was outstanding.  Kevin Morgan organised voting and 11 images were chosen by the members present to be passed on to the Licensing Trust for final selection.

Another interesting aspect of this competition is the interpretation of the theme.  Prominent amongst member’s discussions are comments like “but this could have been made anywhere”.  Images of well known places and events seemed to be preferred.  There’s a conundrum worth thinking about in this.  To what extent should the Wairarapa Theme entries broadly reflect the Wairarapa and what goes on here, versus to what extent should they reflect people, places, and events that are exclusive to the Wairarapa?  I don’t have an answer to this.  However, the club could usefully debate the extent to which, in an effort to choose images that have a Wairarapa-exclusive component, we may be prepared to pass over exceptionally good photographs which, while they may have been made in the Wairarapa, present a more cosmopolitan view.  Comments?

All debates aside, the 11 images selected to go forward featured some exquisite photography, as did the remaining 36 images.

We’ll update this post when the Licensing Trust comes back with its final choice.



3 thoughts on “AGM and Wairarapa Theme

  1. Sid Hayes

    Almost three years ago I met with a representative of the MLT to discuss this very subject,as at the time members were struggling with presenting something new.I asked if they would like to widen the theme or even change to an open selection,however they wished to retain the Wairarapa only theme but images could include Events,Identities,Landscapes,Seascapes,Buildings. And anything else Wairarapa. .However this was three years ago and times and people change. Maybe it is time to approach them again?

    Sid Hayes

    1. Tim

      I’m sure there’s no reason to go outside the Wairarapa to get our shots. The ideal is that we make fantastic photographs that represent ‘our place’ and also our high standard of photography. Are people trying so hard to choose entries that ‘everyone can see were taken in the Wairarapa’ (i.e. they contain places or events that are well known to us), that really good photographs are overlooked because ‘they could have been taken anywhere’. For example, the most amazing fantastic image made from rocks and water trickles at the bottom of the Ruakokoputuna chasm ‘could have been taken anywhere’. Would we not submit it?

  2. neversea

    Yes, I think when one looks for images that define the place that is the Wairarapa, one will miss the characters and events of Wairarapa. Maybe the definition of the theme could be tighter to avoid confusion. But after having said that, the final images (which were all about place) are fantastic. They deserve to be put forward as finalists for the next round of judging.


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