Onwards and Upwards

2017 has started with a bang (and a lot of rain)

Club membership is now up to 60.  This is the highest number the club has ever had at any one time.

Maggie Mabon psyche

psyche by Maggie Mabon—Projim from Shades of Grey

The regular meeting and ‘competition’ cycle has been going for three months.  Entries for the competitions can be seen on the Gallery pages.

We have been very fortunate to again have had very fine judges/commentators for our competitions.

The reason we go to trouble to get good commentators for our competitions is that their comments and critique help us all to think about what makes and what mars a good photograph.  Sandra McNabb (Fascinating Reflections), Michele Usher (Shades of Grey), and Nick Servian (Architecture) have all been superb.

There have been two themes coming through all judges’ comments:

  • there have been some stunning entries;  without doubt the standard of photography in our club continues to rise;
  • the route to further improvement is around composition:  careful thought about what your image is about, and therefore how to emphasise that meaning, and eliminate or avoid competing elements.


Mark Beatty - Inception—Projim

Mark Beatty: Inception—Projim from Buildings and Architecture

We have been running workshops for newer members covering both technical issues about camera use and making good images.  We’ll continue those workshops and rerun them whenever there is demand.

A couple of judges have encouraged members to print their work.  “A photograph is not a photograph unless it’s printed.”

We intend to hold a workshop or workshops on how to take the next step and make satisfying prints — especially in view of the facts that our end-of-year portfolio competition, and our 2018 Exhibition are to be print only.


*The title image is ‘Tentacles’ by Rebecca Kempton from our Fascinating Reflections competition.

4 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. Jack Ponting

    Love it Tim. Thanks for all your and the committee’s efforts. Let’s go the mountain top.

    But in the clubrooms we may need to get elevated seating so all can see the PROJIMs.

    Cheers – Jack

  2. rhodesja

    Haven’t read post yet but your email reminds me to ask, have you seen the movie <>?

    We have it just now, ex GN Library.


    Cheers Tim



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