Portfolio ‘Competition’

At the November meeting the Portfolios are due to be presented.

Recently your committee agreed on the following Portfolio Instructions

What is a Portfolio?

Your syllabus says…

“The portfolio is an opportunity to showcase your skills by using a selection of your images to tell us something around a single idea, unifying theme or style.”

  • Portfolios will be made of printed images only.
  • The minimum number of images in your portfolio will be 6 and the maximum number of images is 8.
  • Only one entry per member is allowed.
  • Images must be mounted on the backing board which will be provided to members at no cost to them.
  • Images will be directly mounted to the surface.
  • The Backing Board is sized 1189cm X 841cm.
  • Images can be of any size as long as they all fit when mounted on one side of the single piece of backing board provided.
  • When mounting the images members should consider that the order and placement of their images affects how well a viewer or judge may interpret the idea or theme.

Note: For those members who would like to give the idea a try, but do not have access to quality printers, or who are not sure how to prepare an image for printing; please ask a committee member for assistance. We intend to run a ‘printing’ workshop in mid-year.

— Peter McNeur, President

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