Sharing the Light Opening

“Sharing the Light” will run at aratoi:Wairarapa Museum of Art and History, from last night through to September 18th.

The opening on Friday evening went very well and was again very well attended.

There was a very good reception for the club’s photographs, demonstrated by the fact that about a quarter of the images were bought on the night.  That is a really good result.

Fungi (Selected)

Fungi by Anne Nelson

Wheat Harvesting (Selected)

Wheat Harvesting by Bruce Kirk

Hohepa Mutu (Selected)

Hohepa Mutu by Greg Ball

Thrift Box (Selected)

Thrift Box by Lisa Nelson

The inspired layout of the photographs, by aratoi‘s Adrian Jackman, has set off the exhibition superbly.  A fine collaboration.

In addition, a slideshow of club competition entries since the last exhibition, plus submissions for the exhibition that were not selected for printing is running on a big monitor in the gallery.

There is great viewing all round. Continue to encourage friends, family, and other acquantainces to visit the show.


— Tim McMahon



2 thoughts on “Sharing the Light Opening

  1. mastmacman

    And superbly printed our very own Tim McMahon! They are absolutely fabulous Tim. A number of the photographers commented to me that they could not believe how wonderful their prints looked.


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