Competition Galleries

See images from those submitted for:

February 2019: About Town

January 2019: Action or Movement

November 2018: Splash of Colour

October 2018: Portrait

September 2018: Fire, Smoke or Steam

July 2018: Illuminated by Light (Other than Daylight or Flash)

June 2018: Lines and Curves

April 2018: The Coast

March 2018: Age

February 2018:  Trees

October 2017: Portrait

September 2017: After Dark

July 2017: Blue or Golden hour

June 2017: Landscape

April 2017: Buildings, Architecture

March 2017: Shades of Grey

February 2017: Fascinating Reflections

November 2016: Street Photography

October 2016: Macro

July 2016: Astrophotography

May 2016: Action

April 2016: Diptych – Old and New

March 2016: At Work

February 2016: Water

November 2015: Structure

October 2015:  Weather

September 2015: Flora and Fauna

July 2015: Abstract

May 2015: Portrait

April 2015: Panorama

February 2015: Feathers

November 2014:  Print and Projected Image of the year

September 2014: Open

August: 2014:  Wairarapa Theme

July 2014: Macro and Small Things

June 2014:  Something Mechanical

May 2014:  Landscape, Seascape, Skyscape

April 2014: Triptych

March 2014: Monochrome

February 2014: Church and Station

November 2013:  Print and Projected Image of the Year

October 2013:  Open

August 2013: Wairarapa Theme

July 2013: Abstract

June 2013: Human Emotion

May 2013: Humour

April 2013: Water

March 2013:  Doors, Windows, and Stairs

February 2013:  Not what you think



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