AGM and Committee Elections

The club’s AGM was held on Tuesday 5 August.


The meeting was attended by about 30 members.

General Business

There were no pre-notified resolutions.

Annual Report

The president presented the annual report,

The main content of the report related to

  • membership (53 financial members as at the AGM);
  • the year’s activities including acknowledgement of the high standard of photography we’d produced, and judging we’d experienced through the year;
  • the need to ensure our Exhibition is successful to offset expenses and keep subs down; and
  • a farewell and thanks to Kevin Morgan who has retired from the committee after 30 years continuous service in various roles.

The report )which you can download here: WCC Annual REport 2014 ) was received by the meeting.


The annual accounts were tabled and received by the meeting.  They showed an operating deficit for the year of $382.90, offset by the value of materials (mat board for purchase by members, and exhibition frames) on hand of $3406.40.

Subscriptions for the coming financial year were reconfirmed as $40 per annum.  $25 per half year for people who first join the club after 1 February.

(PS: Subscriptions are due for renewal now. )

Committee Elections

There were only sufficient nominations to cover the available positions, therefore none of the positions were contested and no election was necessary.
Declared elected were:

President:  Tim McMahon

Secretary: Martin Connelly

Treasurer: Kay Halligan

Past President (ex officio, if available):  vacant

Competition Secretary:  Jan Abernethy

Committee: Dave Ferguson

Committee: Sid Hayes

Richard Lambert was co-opted as an additional committee member to cover the vacancy left by Nik Player’s retirement as immediate past president.




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