Glenburn Trip

The featured image on this page is “Honeycomb 2” by Nik Player.  Great Photography!

On the gallery pages you’ll find a selection of shots from our club trip to Glenburn Station.  (There are still more to come, so keep checking back)

Glenburn is set in a a wonderfully photogenic location, nestled between the ranges and the sea.  As you can see, the sea and sky-scapes are amazing, and the farm buildings provide enormous opportunities for making great images.

We enjoyed good food, good company and learned a lot by sharing tips and techniques.

To top it off, John and Helen McFadzen are the most fantastic hosts.

A thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable trip.


3 thoughts on “Glenburn Trip

  1. rhodesja

    Utterly wonderful! The WCC website is much better than sliced bread.

    If this were a competition, the ineffable NP would be the winner.

    Tim, the answer to the question in one of your captions is: ‘No, but if I were I’d be proud of you’.




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