On the first Tuesday of every month, except December and January the club meets to participate in a themed ‘competition‘ where members’ photographs: prints or projected digital images, are judged and discussed by an invited judge.

To find out how to enter competitions, look here.

The criteria by which competitions are judged are here.

The timetable for competitions – known as the ‘syllabus’ is here.

Judges award points to members’ images in our monthly competitions, and at the end of the year, the Competition Secretary awards trophies in various categories.

Competitions are fun, but WCC members are not competitive.  The real advantage of bringing in  external ‘judges’ each month is so that members may learn from the judges’ critiques and thereby improve their photography.

Guest Speakers

Occasionally competition evenings are replaced by special events such as a presentation by an invited guest:  usually a well known photographer.


The club’s timetable sometimes includes workshops on various aspects of photography (see syllabus for details)