Competition Judging

Notes for Judges

Scoring: Each image is to be classified into one of these levels:

Hnrs – Honours

In your opinion, an outstanding image that would likely be considered ‘Honours’ standard at any club.

HC – Highly Commended

In your opinion the photograph would be regarded as very good in any competition.

C – Commended

The photograph is good. In your opinion it is very good in some respects but let down in other aspects.

A – Accepted

Any images not classified as Hnrs, HC or C.


For each image, it would be useful if you could comment on any aspect of the image—good or weak—from which members might learn and improve their photography.

As a guide you may wish to comment on:

  • The Overall Impact of the image. The degree to which the idea, emotion, originality, or remarkable features in the image grab the viewer’s attention.
  • The Composition of the image. How the photograph uses line, shape, colour, contrast, texture, main image placement, point of view or other compositional devices to enhance the impact of the image.
  • How the subject is expressed. The degree to which the choice of subject is appropriate for the theme of the competition and the idea or emotion that the image tries to express. If there is no theme, how well the subject expresses an idea or emotion.
  • Technical Issues. Whether exposure is good; elements that should be sharp and in focus, are sharp and in focus; any post-processing has been appropriate and enhances the image, rather than distracts.

If you wish, you may announce for each entry whether the image is ‘Accepted’, ‘Commended’, ‘Highly Commended’, or ‘Honours’.

In the event of there being more than one image in the highest category you award, we do not ask you to identify a ‘winner’. Nevertheless, it might be very useful to identify any characteristics of an image that make it particularly strong.

Please give the Club a copy of your judging decisions and your comments and the returned memory stick.

To recognize both the quality of entries and participation throughout the year, the Competition Secretary will accumulate each member’s points and, at the end of the year, will make an award for the “Club Photographer of the Year” (in each of Print and Projected Image categories).