Glenburn 2014

Last weekend a group of us:  Kevin, Sid, Bruce K, Peter, Dave, Tim, Nik, Megan, Kay, Greg and Angel, Simon and Anna (and Riley), Kevin and Annette, with Mike and Anne,  trekked out to Glenburn Station again.  Although our Sunday was cut short by some pretty inclement weather, we got in some good photography on Friday night and Saturday.

As luck would have it, John had a  gang in, shearing the hoggets.  So we got lamb with our seals!

There’s a selection of shots on the gallery page.  (There are still more to come, so keep checking back)

Glenburn is set in a a wonderfully photogenic location, nestled between the ranges and the sea.  As ever, the sea and sky-scapes were amazing.

We enjoyed good food, good company, entertainment by Angel the parrot, and learned a lot by sharing tips and techniques.

Another very worthwhile and enjoyable trip.






PS 1:  The image on this page is by Sid Hayes:  “Been lying on that wreck too long”

PS 2: I do find it extraordinary how, when one gets home to review images, one finds so many basic errors: like poorly chosen apertures, silly ISO choices, sloping horizons, and the like.  Is it just me, or is it the sea air?  Note to self:  stop and think, even if the environment and the company are stimulating!

1 thought on “Glenburn 2014

  1. John Rhodes

    Thanks everyone – almost as good as being there! I especially like Kevin’s shot of the sheep in the shed and Nik’s trademark Player photos. Not all of us have a recognisable style, but NP surely does.




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