How to Submit Entries for Club Competitions

WCC Competitions 2019.

For 2018, for each competition, members may submit up to 3 images in total, but no more than 2 submissions may be prints, and no more than 2 may be digital images.

Comprehensive Competition Rules for 2019 may be found here.



Following judging, prints will be displayed during the competition meeting in the clubrooms.

To ensure prints can be delivered to judges and displayed satisfactorily they must be mounted, and preferably matted.

Unmounted photographs can not be accepted.

  • maximum size of prints is 500 x 400 mm including mounts.  (In other words, the mount may not be bigger than 500mm x 400mm)
  • minimum size of printed images is 175 X 125 mm

(Hints on how to prepare images for entry can be found here)

Projected (Digital) Images

Digital Images will be displayed on the projector in the clubrooms.

To ensure projected images are displayed correctly they must be:

  • saved in JPEG format
  • encoded in the sRGB colour space

There is no restriction on pixel dimension for digital images, but be aware that judges’ computers and any projection units used, will resize digital images to their native resolution.  Resizing ‘on the fly’ can have unpredictable results.   To ensure that your image displays as you intend it, you are advised to resize it to the native resolution of the projector used by the club: that is 1920 pixels wide, by 1200 pixels high.

Identifying Images for Judging

All images submitted to competitions must be clearly identified, as follows.

Prints must be clearly labelled on the back with the entrant’s membership number, and an optional title.

e.g. 567 Summer Days

Projected image filenames shall consist of the entrant’s membership number, and an optional title.

e.g. 567 Summer Days.jpg

Although titles are optional, each entry must be clearly identified.  Untitled entries must be labelled ‘Untitled’.  Multiple ‘Untitled’ entries require clarification, e.g. 567 untitled-1, 567 untitled-2 etc

The entrant’s name must not appear anywhere on a print or projected image where it may be seen by the judge.

How to Submit an Entry (2019)

Projected Images

are to be uploaded into the club’s Dropbox storage* before 5pm on the Wednesday two weeks prior to the competition.


are to be left for pickup at Festival Hire, Queen Street, Masterton before 4 pm on the Wednesday two weeks prior to the competition.

The digital files from which print entries are made are to be uploaded into the the club’s Dropbox storage at the same time.

Closing dates are noted on the syllabus.

*Instructions on how to load files to the club’s Dropbox are here.