Newsletter Archive

issue_40_July_2013 — “Abstract” Competition.

issue_39_June_2013 — “Human Emotion” Competition. Also Dealing with too much Flash.

issue_38_May_2013 — “Humour” Competition. Also Matting and Mounting Hints.

issue_37_April_2013  — “Water” Competition. Also Highlighting your subject using depth of field or selective sharpening.

issue_36_March_2013  — “Doors, Windows and Stairways”. Also Straightening Verticals.

issue_35_Feb_2013  — “Not what you Think” Competition.

issue_34_Dec_2012  — 2012 Club Oscars edition.

issue_33_Nov_2012   — 2012 “Print and Projected Image of the Year” Competition. Also Image Softness.

issue_32_Oct_2012 — 2012 “Open” Competition.

issue_31_Sept_2012  — “Music” Competition.

issue_30 Aug 2012 — “Wairarapa Theme” Competition.

issue_29 July 2012 — “Landscape, Seascape, Skyscape”, Competition. Also Sources of inspiration.

issue_28 May 2012 — “Group Portraits” and “Textures” Competition. Also some thoughts on black and white.

issue_27 Apr 2012 — “Nature” Competition. Also How to make a photograph stand out form the crowd.

issue_26 Mar 2012 — “Rubbish” Competition. Also Preparing Prints for Exhibition.

issue_25_Feb 2012 — “Soda Straws” Competition. Also How digital cameras record colour.

issue_24 Nov 2011 — “2011 Print and Projected Image of the Year” Competition.

issue_23 Oct 2011 — “2011 Open” Competition. Also Competition Judging.

issue_22 Sept 2011 — “Shapes and Patterns” Competition.

issue_21 Aug 2011 — “Wairarapa Theme” Competition. Also Lenses, Sharpness, and Depth of field II.

_issue_20 July 2011 — “Long Exposure” Competition. Also Lenses, Sharpness and dept of focus I.

2011_06_issue_19 — “Landscape” Competition. Also What’s wrong with JPEG?.

issue_18 May 2011 — “Black and White” Competition. Also sRGB, Adobe RGB and all that.

issue_17 apr 2011 — “Colour composition” Competition. Also Matching Prints to Display.

issue_16 Mar 2011 — “Sports Action” Competition. Also About the histogram.

issue_15 Feb 2011 — “Food” Competition. Also Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO.

issue_14 Nov 2010 — “2010 Print and Projected Image of the Year” Competition. Also Shooting with Compacts.

issue_13 Oct 2010 — “2010 Open” Competition. Also Light Trails.

issue_12 Sept 2010 — “Old Buildings” Competition. Also Thoughts on Post Processing and RTFM.

issue_11 Aug 2010 — “2010 Wairarapa Theme” Competition.

2010_07_issue_10 — “Nature” Competition. Also Metering Modes and Connecting with your viewer.

issue_09 Jun 2010 — “Landscape” Competition. Also Common mistakes.

issue_08 May 2010 — “Abstract” Competition. Also Monitor calibration.

issue_07 Apr 2010 — “Black and White” Competition. Also Colour Spaces and Shooting Wildlife.

issue_06 Mar 2010Focus Modes and Black and White Conversion.

issue_05 Feb 2010 — “Lollipop” Competition. Also Crop Factor, Focal Length, and Shooting Macro Cheaply.

issue_04 Jan 2010White Balance, and Holiday shots.

issue_03 Dec 2009What is RAW?

issue_02 Nov 2009 — “2009 Print and Projected Image of the Year” Competition. Also Resizing and Resampling.

issue_01 Oct 2009 — “2009 Open” Competition. Also Megapixels and stuff, and Shooting Great sunsets.